Friday Night Fight Open Mixed Epee Walk N' Roll Results

Senior Mixed Epee 27 Competitors, A2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Li, Patrick DENVERFC / SCHLHOUSEF A2022 A2023
2 Giovagnoli, Nolan NCOFENCERS A2023
3 Lee, Jayden SDENVERFA C2023 B2023
3 McAdoo, Declan NCOFENCERS B2023
5 Danis, Blake FRONTRANGE B2023
6 McCown, Ronan SDENVERFA B2023
7 Liu, Josh SDENVERFA D2023 C2023
8 Strauss, Luke NCOFENCERS A2023
9 Buergisser, Kai NCOFENCERS / NMFC/DUKEC B2023
10 Lee, Seungwon SDENVERFA C2021
11 Tiberi, Joe DENVERFC B2021
12 Walsh, Kevin DENVERFC / SDENVERFA A2021
13 Gormley, Robert DENVERFC / TIDEWATERF D2023
14 Marencik, Miles DENVERFC E2023
15 Aggeler, Donovan UNAT D2023
16 Anderson, Jennifer NCOFENCERS D2020
17 French, Phaelen DCFENCERS E2023
18 Brooks, Justin DENVERFC U
19 Zhu, Riley DENVERFC D2023
20 Emerson, Zachary DENVERFC E2023
21 Muenke, Magnus NCOFENCERS E2023
22 Miller, Mason DENVERFC U
23 Ward, Zachary DENVERFC U
24 Schwitzer, Eliot DENVERFC U
25 Shade, Nadine NCOFENCERS U
26 Lim, Marcus SDENVERFA U
27 Gadbury, Logan DENVERFC U
December 8, 2023
Denver Fencing Center
1930 South Navajo Street, Denver, Colorado 80223 US
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Friday Night Fight! Senior Open Mixed epee Walk N' Roll event only.
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