NEUSFA Jack Norton Hangover Mixed Epee Open Results

Senior Mixed Epee 50 Competitors, A2 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Maczik, Adam W MFA A2014 A2015
2 Hampton, Maxwell RIFAC A2014
3 Grab, Ethan UNAT A2014
3 Horak, Peter UVFC B2011 B2015
5 Boynton, Zachariah OFC CAMBR. A2014
6 Vie, Natalie FC A2014
7 Cottam, Bobby NWAFC A2014
8 Hopkins, Thomas BAY STATE A2013
9 Bates, Cassandra MFA A2014
10 Hondor, Robert OFC CAMBR. B2014
11 Murray, Christian 3MB D2014
12 Jones, Tristan Kai WCB&G A2011
13 Thordarson, Paul OFC CAMBR. D2014
14 Carr, Noah SITS C2014
15 McGuire, Harry UNAT A2014
16 Provenza, Hannah OFC CAMBR. B2014
17 Vie, Jerica PFFC B2014
18 Horak, David UVFC C2014
19 Hazell, Bennet OFC CAMBR. B2014
20 Belliveau, Shane SITS C2012
21 Mickey, Jake UNAT B2014
22 Ngu, Huy MOE B2012
23 Woo, Ernest BAY STATE C2014
24 Yu, Colin BOSTON FC B2014
25 Martin, Stephen SITS C2013
26 Harris, Robert OFC CAMBR. U
27 Hommes, Onno OFC CAMBR. D2014
28 Ghazaleh, Xavier OFC CAMBR. B2014
29 Meier, Max VIVO C2014
30 Alumbaugh, Jonathan SITS B2014
31 Gordet, Cristina OFC CAMBR. B2014
32 Burke, Matthew BVFA C2013
33 Marshman, Shawn UNAT B2011
34 Foley, Kevin OFC CAMBR. B2011
35 Bixby, Peter SFC E2014
36 Sumler, Jeffery BOSTON FC B2014
37 Culler, Michael VIVO C2011
38 Wells, Tessa (Tesla) MFA B2014
39 Toth, Jade RIFAC E2013
40 Horak, Paul UVFC C2014
41 Killough, Madeleine MFA D2014
42 Bell, Richard BAY STATE E2013
43 Nazemi, David BOSTON FC E2014
44 Abrill, Gabriel RIFAC U
45 Papadakos, Yanni ROCHESTERF U
46 Rouse, Joseph CANDLEWOOD D2014
47 Gisolfi-McCready, Kaija MFA D2014
47 Konert, Alex RIFAC E2014
49 Jayawickrema, Cecilia SITS E2013
50 Gregory, Abram BVFA D2014
January 1, 2015
Boston Fencing Club
110 Clematis Ave, Waltham, MA 02453 USA
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Online preregistration ($25.00) closes Monday, Dec 29. Walk-in fee ($50.00) applies thereafter. Be among the first to upgrade classification to 2015. Champagne to top male/female finisher sponsored by long-time NE fencer Jack Norton and his wife Paula.
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