Online Ref Seminar w/Lisa Campi-Sapery 4/10/2021 Registrations

Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing, such as payment or approval status.
22 Fencers
Fencer Club
Almendary, Noura Morris Hills HS / Forte Fencing Foundation
Alvarez, Lindsey Morris Catholic HS / Forte Fencing Foundation
Billack, Brendan Morris Catholic HS
Connelly, Scott Forte Fencing Foundation / Morris Hills HS
Crans, Benjamin Manchen Academy of Fencing
Dinka, Sofia Morris Catholic HS / Forte Fencing Foundation
Grater, Joshua Masters Fencing Academy / Morris Hills HS
Holbrow, Mark Bucks County Academy of Fencing
Jones, Ann Spartan Fencing Academy / Northwest Indiana Fencing Club
Katz, Roman Unattached (or Unknown)
Lum-DeBono, Alex Manchen Academy of Fencing
Margulies, William Advance Fencing and Fitness Academy / Watchung Hills RHS
Niechwadowicz, Michael Drew University Ncaa / Masters Fencing Academy
Schiano, Sofia Morris Catholic HS / Unattached (or Unknown)
Simak, Joseph Nazlymov Fencing Foundation
Song, Yanchen V Fencing Club / Chatham HS
Stefanov, Michael Forte Fencing Foundation / Rowan University Fencing Club
Xu, Jia Bao Dynamo Fencing Club
Zeltser, Diana North Shore Fencers Club
Zeltser, Lawrence East Coast Fencing Club
Zeltser, Roman Unattached (or Unknown)
Zhao, Raymond Forte Fencing Foundation