2023 Wally Friedberg Memorial, OK Div Championship

May 21, 2023
Registration Closes May 21, 2023

24 NW 144th Circle, Oklahoma City, OK 73013 USA Map
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2023 Wally Friederg Memorial. Oklahoma Division Championships Divisional Meeting
Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing.
2023 Wally Friedberg Memorial 2023 Oklahoma Division Championships This is the 2023 Oklahoma Division Championships. The Divisional meeting will take place at noon between before epee events. Division officers will be elected at this time. The women's and Novice Epee will begin after participants are eliminated from the Open event. Events Scheduled: Mixed Epee Novice Epee Women's epee Preregistration opens on 01/10/2023. Preregistration closes on 05/10/2022. ************************************************************ PLEASE ALLOW EXTRA TIME TO CHECK INTO YOUR EVENTS ! ! ************************************************************ FOR INFORMATION The Local Organizing Committee for this event is the The City of Thunder Fencing Club (OKCFC) - http://www.thunderfencing.com - Email: davidribaudo@gmail.com - Phone: 405-474-7030 VENUE INFORMATION Oklahoma City Fencers Club City of Thunder Fencing 24 NW 144th Circle Edmond Ok, 73013 The venue will open at one hour prior to the earliest event all days. EVENTS [Times listed are the CLOSE of Registration] Divisional Meeting at Noon Open Epee, at 1pm Registration fee $15 event fee $15 per event PARTICIPANT INFORMATION Participation is limited to fencers whose USFA membership status can be verified. Fencers whose status cannot be confirmed either here or through the national office will NOT be allowed to compete. USFA membership will be available at the day of the tournament. You can visit the USFA webpage (https://member.usafencing.org) to renew your membership online. Minors (under 18) must have a Waiver signed by their Parent or Guardian when checking in; a coach's signature is NOT acceptable. The waiver is available when as part of the registration confirmation sent from FRED. AGE CRITERIA FOR OPEN TOURNAMENTS The USFA Board of Directors has ruled that for any USFA competition that is not specific to an age group, an athlete must be at least 13 years old as of January 1 of the fencing season. The exemption to this rule applies to any fencer whose younger than 13 on January 1 but who is listed on the latest National Junior Point standings; then that fencer is allowed to compete in the USFA competitions not specific to an age group. The athlete must meet any other criteria stated for that competition. Examples of such non-specific competitions are: "Open", "Unclassified", "A" competitions, "C" or under competitions, Team competitions of any category unless specified for juniors or similar age restricted category. EQUIPMENT CHECKS All events will be fenced electrically. Equipment checks will consist of gloves, masks, body cords and lames. Sabre cuffs, underarm protectors, fencing knickers and any and all safety equipment per USFA regulations are REQUIRED.