DCFC Women's Champagne Challenge Registrations

Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing, such as payment or approval status.
Senior Women's Epee Check-In Closed Saturday, Dec 3 at 4:00PM
34 Fencers : 3A, 10B, 4C, 3D, 7E, 7U Could be up to a A2 rated Event
Fencer Club Rating
Asher, Valerie DC Fencers Club B2022
Bowie, Charlotta Modern Duelists Fencing Academy C2019
Brasted, K. E. ("Maggie") DC Fencers Club / Rockville Fencing Academy U
Brisk, Angelica Olympia Fencing Center Cambr. B2022
Dickey, Jacquelyn DC Fencers Club U
Doherty, Flair DC Fencers Club U
Duarte-Garcia, Zoya Epee Miami Fencing Club D2022
Foellmer, Kristin DC Fencers Club B2022
French, Phaelen DC Fencers Club / Front Range Fencing Club E2022
Gordet, Cristina South Florida Fencing Club A2022
Jeandheur, Carole DC Fencers Club E2022
John, Venus Arena Fencing Academy Llc / Passaic County Technical Institute E2022
Johnson, Merit DC Fencers Club / Nova Fencing Club U
Lawson, Marie DC Fencers Club A2022
Liu, Nicole DC Fencers Club B2022
Lu, Samantha Renee Cardinal Fencing Academy C2022
Mace, Eliza DC Fencers Club E2022
Mitchell, Erica Nova Fencing Club U
Murphy, Megan Modern Duelists Fencing Academy E2022
Nix, Reagan Fencing Sports Academy, Inc. D2022
Peeler, Julia Fencing Sports Academy, Inc. C2022
Pinnamaneni, Drithi Penta Olympic Fencing Club B2022
Polanichka, Nicole Lancaster Fencing Academy / Williamsport Fencing Club A2022
Prokop, Jeannine Nova Fencing Club B2019
Qiu, Emily Fencing Sports Academy, Inc. D2022
Smith, Auynha DC Fencers Club U
Sweet, Ryleigh Modern Duelists Fencing Academy B2022
Vickerman, Aspen Nova Fencing Club U
Vickerman, Lilly Nova Fencing Club E2022
Vickerman, Sofia Nova Fencing Club C2022
Wiessler-Hughes, Linda DC Fencers Club E2022
Witter, Catherine Fencing Sports Academy, Inc. B2022
Yang, Alisa Guanyi Fencing Academy B2022
You, Emily Guanyi Fencing Academy B2022