2023 Nan-Sang Ho Legacy Open Results

Unsanctioned Mixed Foil 18 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Beeston, Sterling UVIC
2 McCullough, Harry LA SALLE / UVIC
3 Tse, Carol UBC / UNAT
3 Arce, Manuel OSMF
5 Sali, Zuniel UVIC
6 Weitzel, Owen UVIC / UNAT
7 Pretorius, Gustav OFF / VER
8 Robinson, Isaac UBC
9 Wang, Lucas UBC
10 Leung, Kevin OSMF
11 Martiskainen, Ellis UVIC
12 Ross, Nicolas UBC
13 McLaren, Malcolm UVIC
14 Chen, Franklin UVIC
15 Zhang, Rita (Ting) OSMF
16 Dao, Mai UVIC
17 Gaineshev, Ali UVIC
18 Churchill, Ella UVIC
Unsanctioned Mixed Epee 18 Competitors View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club
1 Frank, Fred NWFC
2 Rissiek, Markus DFC
3 Archibald, Will LA SALLE
3 Fabbro, Izabela UBC / TFA
5 Ulker, Ali UVIC / UBC
6 Khrissanov, Peter TFA
7 Bentley-Inouye, Evan UNAT
8 Robinson, Doug COM
9 Chynoweth, Euan UBC
10 Patton, Tobias UVIC
11 Spence, John UBC
12 Leung, Kevin OSMF
13 Pretorius, Gustav OFF / VER
14 Huenicke, Robin CCFC
15 Kwon, Andrew SFUC
16 Nurgaliyev, Abil UVIC
17 Patterson, Elliott COM
18 Hartfield, Paige OSMF
November 25, 2023
University of Victoria CARSA Bldg Performance Gym
Gabriola Rd, Saanich, BC, Victoria, BC V8P 5C2 CAN
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The UVIC Fencing Club welcomes everyone (16+) to our third ever NAN-SANG HO LEGACY OPEN in the beautiful Performance Gym at the UVIC Centre for Athletics Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA). Events are MIXED EPEE and MIXED FOIL (unsanctioned)
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