Joe Dabbs Open

April 24, 2010

Central Church of Christ Gymnasium
407 E Clinton Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35801 USA
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The Huntsville Fencing Club invites you to join us for the Joe Dabbs Open 2010!
Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing.
The Huntsville Fencing Club invites you to join us for the Joe Dabbs Open 2010! This is a great opportunity for epee fencers from around the south to come and get in some competitve fencing before the summer. Come for the open epee but stay for a free one touch epee event afterwards. NOTE: The one touch epee event will NOT be a USFA sanctioned event (see below). Events Scheduled: Mixed Epee - 10:00 AM One Touch Epee - after the open epee event (time permitting) Times listed are the close of registration time. Doors will open at 8 A.M. Fencing should begin approximately 30 minutes after the close of registration. Time permitting, a one touch epee event will begin after the conclusion of the open event. Cost: $20 for the open event. All "A" rated fencers fence free. All "B" rated fencers recieve a $5 discount. The members of any club bringing a strip will recieve a $5 discount. One touch epee: FREE! Venue: Central Church of Christ Gymnasium 407 E Clinton Avenue Huntsville, AL 35801 Awards: In the open event, medals will be awarded to first through third place,and to the three highest placing women. In the one touch event, medals will be awarded to the top three, and the highest placing woman. The winner of the open event will also receive a mounted rapier. The rapier is a rotating trophy which the winner can keep for one year, and will then be obligated to return so that it can be awarded to the next years winner. The one touch epee event will not be a sactioned event, but all USFA rules apply for both events. All fencers must be current USFA members, and will need to show proof of membership, either by card or by fax from the USFA. (Alternatively, a fencer may be a member in good standing of another National Federation or a current FIE license holder.) You may renew your USFA membership or join at the tournament. Forms will be available at the tournament, or can be downloaded from the USFA website at If you do not have your USFA card with you when checking in, you will be required to complete a new USFA form and pay the annual fee. The form and payment will be returned to you upon proof of USFA membership subsequent to the tournament. Mask checks will be performed prior to competition, and there will be weight/shim tests for all weapons brought onto the fencing strip. You MUST wear a plastron. No sweatpants will be permitted. For any questions prior to the day of the event, email the Huntsville Fencing Club at and for more information about the club, visit