Morris Friday Open Series 3 Registrations

Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing, such as payment or approval status.
Mixed Foil Check-In Closed Friday, Jun 2 at 5:30PM
11 Fencers : 1C, 2E, 8U Could be up to a E1 rated Event
Fencer Club Rating
Dorfman, Mitchell Morris Fencing Club C2019
Enriquez, Bianca Perla Morris Fencing Club U
McFarlane, Asha American Institute of Fencing U
Mosameh, Mohammad Morris Fencing Club U
Perez, Logan Medeo Fencing Club E2023
Perkins, Nathaniel Morris Fencing Club U
Salvo, Ethan Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy E2022
Stevens, Dylan Morris Fencing Club U
Vaccaro, Lillian Morris Fencing Club U
Webster, Declan Unattached (or Unknown) U
Weiss, Zachary Randolph Highschool U