MoDuel Open Epee Results

Senior Mixed Epee 21 Competitors, B1 Event View Round Results
Pl Fencer Club Rating Earned
1 Sokol, Luke MEDEOFC B2023
2 Chenh, Justin NOVAFC E2023 C2023
3 Rapalski, Thomas UNAT E2022 C2023
3 Tirrell, Justin MODUEL B2023
5 Martinez, Joshua MODUEL C2023
6 Conley, Seth MODUEL E2023 D2023
7 Asuncion, Arren MODUEL E2023
8 Linskens, David FAP C2021
9 Bowie, Charlotta MODUEL C2023
10 Faktor, Emily FAP / FAP-NORTH E2023
11 Pandey, Yash UNAT E2023
11 Safko, Liubov MODUEL D2022
13 Richards, Axelle UNAT U
14 Wood, William MODUEL / FAP C2022
15 Schlee, Selma FAP-NORTH / FAP U
16 Hertzog, Ben FAP / FAP-NORTH U
17 Sokalski, Edwin UNAT U
18 Murphy, Megan MODUEL E2022
19 Rist, Beck MODUEL E2023
20 Wohner, Kenneth MODUEL U
21 Lunning, Karen MODUEL U
November 26, 2023
Modern Duelists Fencing Academy
505 Blue Ball Rd, Elkton, MD 21921 US
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Open to fencers with a birth year of 2010 or earlier. Registration is $40 if prepaid, $50 if paid at the door. Entries limited to 56. See “More Info" for details.
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