Adrenalina Super Cup #2

May 22, 2022

Indoor Soccer Pro
1128 NW 159 Dr, Miami, FL 33169 USA
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For aditional information please contact coach Javier Andino at cellphone (786)399-5974
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Adrenaline Super Cup Miami Lakes Fencing Club PREREGISTER. You must register in advance with ASKFRED. you may pay at the venue. Preregistered fees $45.00 for first event, $20.00 for every subsequent event. ON SITE registration fees $50.00 for first event, $25.00 for every subsequent event. Socially Distanced Tournament! Masks required for all attending All fencers must be current USFA Members. USFA Membership available at the venue. Fencers must report to the bout committee at least an hour before their scheduled event(s). Full electric equipment is required including two (2) working weapons, two (2) working body cords, and appropriate lames for foil and saber. Masks will be punch tested according to USFA regulations. Non conforming masks will be confiscated and rendered visibly unusable as provided by USFA regulations. A bout committee has been constituted. All applicable USFA regulations will be strictly enforced. ** Long Sox **** *** 800N Saber Glove Mandatory for All USA Fencing Sanctioned Tournaments Beginning on Oct. 1, 2015 **** You MUST arrive at least thirty minutes prior to your first scheduled event for check in and armory equipment check. Temperatures will be taken at the door, COVID-19 PROTOCOLS COVID-19 Protocols will be implemented throughout the whole tournament. There will be no exceptions. IF YOU CAN'T COMPLY DO NOT REGISTER Face Coverings •Anyone inside the venue must wear face coverings at all times. Registration closes 15 minutes before each event. ----------------- Important Info: ------------------- Tournament: Date(s): 05/22/2022 Location: Indoor Soccer Pro 1128 NW 159 Dr Miami FL 33169 Events Scheduled: May 22 8:30AM Y10 Mixed Foil May 22 8:30AM Y12 Mixed Epee May 22 9:30AM Mixed Saber May 22 11:00AM open Mixed Foil May 22 11:30AM Y14 Mixed Saber May 22 1:00pm Y12 Mixed Foil May 22 2:00PM open Mixed Epee May 22 3:00PM Div3 Mixed Foil May 22 5:00PM Div3 Mixed Epee All bouts are electric and all fencers must be current USFA members. USFA membership available on site. Age category competition requires official ID with date of birth. NO REFUNDS. If you have a letter from a medical professional we will issue a credit for a future tournament only. No cash refunds. @@Screaming@@ Research has shown that virus transmission occurs at higher rates when individuals scream or yell due to the increased propulsion of droplets through the air. Accordingly, yelling after a touch, or at any time during a bout, will be prohibited. As this is a significant change to a habit for many fencers, referees are advised to verbally warn fencers rather than issuing an immediate penalty. If, after warnings, the referee determines an athlete is deliberately violating the reminder not to scream, the referee can award a Group 1 penalty for refusal to obey the referee resulting in a yellow card for the first infraction and red cards for subsequent infractions. The referee also has the authority to award a Group 3 penalty for disturbing order on the strip which results in a red card for the first infraction and a black card and exclusion from the tournament for subsequent infractions. For coaches/spectators screaming a Group 3 penalty "Any person not on strip disturbing order" with a yellow card for the first infraction and a black card for subsequent infractions. ------------------ To Preregister: ------------------ Preregistration closes on 04/30/2021 If your email program didn't make that URL clickable, copy and paste the whole URL into your web browser. If that fails, go to: Check FRED for more info, like who is already preregistered, and suchhttps Who is preregisteredhttps more infohttps Thanks for using FRED! Any problems, try Thank-you for playing! For aditional information please contact coach Javier Andino at cellphone (786)399-5974 Preregistration opens on 001/26/2022. Preregistration closes on 03/19/2022.