F.A.P. (Univ City) Youth 12 Foil

November 19, 2023
Registration closes November 17, 2023
Fencing Academy Of Philadelphia - University City

Fencing Academy of Philadelphia - Central
3851 Warren St, Philadelphia, PA 19104 US Map
Accepts Payments Online
Sanctioned Unclassified Youth Foil events: Y10, Y12,Y14. Entry $50 through askfred.net. No walk-ins.

This is a sanctioned Philadelphia tournament, entry is PAID BY CREDIT CARD (this is new) when pre-registering. Registration fee (nonrefundable, unless the event is canceled) is $25, event fees are $25.

EVENT CANCELATIONS. Events with fewer than 6 pre-registered competitors the Friday before the event date will be canceled. Refunds will be issued for any event which is canceled. No-shows are not eligible for any refund.

UNPAID PRE-REGISTRATIONS are incomplete and will be deleted if unpaid when the pre-reg for the tournament closes on the Friday prior to the tournament. Any registrations after Friday (including day of) are subject to a $20 late fee.

Current "Access" or "Competitive" membership in USA Fencing is required. "Collegiate Competitors" please note that if your college club is not a current member of USA Fencing and/or you are not on their official roster you are not eligible to compete as such and must have a regular "Competitive" membership.

FULL UNIFORM required. Uniforms must be clean and in good repair and must be the appropriate handedness for the fencer.

The jacket must overlap the knickers by 10cm while on guard. If your waistband is visible your uniform doesn't fit. Shirts must be tucked in and stay tucked in (if your shirt is visible your uniform doesn't fit).

Your sleeve must stay tucked into your glove when you extend.

Knickers must cover your knee when lunging.

LAME's for foil must have a straight line from the hip to the croissard and the back of the lame cannot sit above the hips in the back.

MASK (no foil masks in epee, no epee masks in foil)

PLASTRON worn on the weapon arm side

GLOVE that covers approximately half the forearm.

LONG SOCKS that come up past the edge of the knickers.

An approved padded chestplate for foil (if necessary)

*These are the rules for our sport; the rules don't care why any of these articles don't fit (hand me downs, just outgrown, etc), if they are too small and don't cover you the rules state that you cannot wear them to compete in. This is a liability issue; don't argue about it, get a uniform that fits!


2 weapons (functional and passing)

2 body cords (functional and passing)

2 mask cords (foil/sabre) (functional and passing)

Armoury services are not available at the tournament.


Expected format is one round of pools with all promoting to a direct elimination bracket unless otherwise stated prior to the beginning of the event.

ARRIVAL: the venue opens one hour before the first close of check in for the day, athletes should arrive no later than one hour before their close of check in so they have time to prepare for event start. Events will start as close to the posted close of check-in as possible.

Central (University City location)

3851 Warren Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19104

This small, mostly residential block is just north of Penn Presbyterian Hospital, south of Lancaster Avenue, and west of the Drexel campus. On-street parking is free.

COVID IS STILL OUT THERE, as are a myriad of other ailments. ATHLETES must self monitor and be symptom free for 14 days prior to the event. Stay home if you have had contact with anyone who is sick or known or suspected to have Covid19. Be considerate of others, STAY HOME if you are sick or don't feel well.

By attending this tournament, you agree that within 14 days of the date of the event, you have not tested positive for Covid-19, been in contact with someone who has Covid-19, or traveled to a known Covid-19 hotspot. Additionally, you release and hold harmless FENCING ACADEMY of PHILADELPHIA, INC. and its staff from any and all liability regarding Covid-19 transmission. While state and local laws regarding Covid-19 transmission will be followed to the letter and every other imaginable precaution will be taken, there is an inherent transmission risk associated with being in public.

If you have any questions about health and safety practices, please feel free to contact us directly.

If you pre-register and cannot show up, please remove your name from the pre-registration list IN A TIMELY MANNER (more than 24 hours prior) as a courtesy to others who expect the tournament to run if it has six fencers registered the day of the event. When you remove your name from the list on the day of the event THAT IS A NO SHOW. You have just wasted the time and money of others who have already traveled to the venue expecting to compete in a sanctioned event. If an emergency occurs please call or email so we can, if necessary, notify other competitors BEFORE they travel for a tournament they arrive expecting to run.