2023-2024 Pisacafe Middle School League

Point Lists

This league awards points based on the USFA Regional Points formula [((entries - place + 1) / entries) x 100] and determines ranking from all the fencer's results added together.

Unsanctioned Unrated (PisaCafe Youth Circuit - Middle School Ages) Mixed Foil
Unsanctioned Unrated (Middle School) Mixed Foil
Unsanctioned Unrated (Pisacafe Middle School Mixed Foil) Mixed Foil
Unsanctioned Unrated (Middle School/Pisacafe) Mixed Foil
Upcoming League Tournaments

The following upcoming tournaments have events that will award points for 2023-2024 Pisacafe Middle School.

There are no upcoming tournaments for 2023-2024 Pisacafe Middle School