Athena Project Camp

December 16 - 17 2023
Registration Closes December 2, 2023

Northwest Fencing Center
11117 SW Greenburg Rd, Tigard, OR 97223 US Map
Online Payments Not Accepted
Register and read more on our website: This 2-day FOIL & EPEE camp will turn our facility into a women-only space for an entire weekend.

Register and read more on our website:

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The All-New Athena Project by NWFC

Announcing The Athena Project!

The Athena Project is an all-new Northwest Fencing Center initiative. Designed to support women and girls in fencing, the program will bring together athletes of all ages and skill levels for an exclusive training experience. The key to this support is the creation of women-only fencing spaces that transcend age groups.

This 2-day camp will turn our 20,000-square-foot facility into a women-only space for an entire weekend. Women and girl fencers from around the country ages Y12 through veterans 70+ are invited. This special event is not just for NWFC members.


We hope the reality of a woman-only fencing space will be revolutionary. Our goal is to foster a stronger multigenerational community among the fencing community. One where younger fencers can look for support and example, as well as allowing older fencers to mentor.

The reality of a women and girls-only fencing space will be revolutionary. We hope that the younger fencers get to know the coaches and older fencers and see through their accomplishments the future possibilities of their continued enjoyment of the sport.

This special camp is only the beginning! In the summer of 2024, NWFC will host a training week specifically for women coaches. We plans to team up with W Fencing for a women and girls summer camp combined with a women only coaches college. This extraordinary summer event will be a 3 weapon camp!


Kat Holmes | Epee

Sandra Marchant | Epee

Delphine de Vore | Foil


Our very first Athena Project fencing camp for women and girls is December 16th and 17th! 

When: December 16th and 17th, 2023 

Where: Northwest Fencing Center 

11117 SW Greenburg Rd

Tigard, Oregon 97223 

Weapons: Foil and Epee 

Preregistration: Required. 

Cost: $199

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Bonus! Friday Night meet and greet 6pm! Everyone is invited to stop in to meet these superstar coaches.

Register for The Athena Camp HERE