Competitive Foil & Epee by Swordplay LA - Morning Winter Fencing Camp

December 18 - 22

Swordplay LA
919 W Isabel St, Burbank, CA 91506 US
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Advance your skills in a focused and fun environment. Perfect for fencers ages 9-16. Email to get a digital invoice.

About The Camp

Swordplay LA is proud to help you start the New Year with a fencing camp to help you sharpen your competitive skills. This camp is perfect for both foil and epee fencers looking for a strong start to 2024. It is recommended to have at least one year of fencing experience under your belt to join the camp. Only fencers ages 9-16 allowed.

The camp begins at 10:00 am and concludes at 12:00 pm each day.

About Swordplay LA

The Swordplay LA vision is rooted in the principles of inclusivity, positivity, and community, creating an environment where individuals of all backgrounds and abilities can engage in the exhilarating journey of self-discovery through whichever path you choose to take. Whether it be competitive fencing or theatrical combat we want to support you on your journey. As pillars of our identity, these values shape every aspect of Swordplay LA, fostering a space where everyone feels not only welcomed but celebrated. With an unwavering commitment to education, learning, and expression, we offer more than just training; we provide a platform for personal growth and the development of lifelong skills. Join us in forging connections, embracing challenges, and embracing the spirit of unity that defines Swordplay LA.

Paying For The Camp

After you register on AskFred, please reach out to the Swordplay Office at so we can send you a digital invoice. The invoice will come from VAGARO. You can sign up for the entire week for $200 or sign up for select days at $60 per day.