AFM Epee Camp with Italian National Team - week 1 Registrations

Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing, such as payment or approval status.
45 Fencers
Fencer Club
Anderson, Kai Academy Of Fencing Masters (AFM)
Blanco, Ariia
Buricea, Ada Academy Of Fencing Masters (AFM)
Camama, Tessa
Castelly, Luke
Chen, Bailey
Cheng, Trevor Academy Of Fencing Masters (AFM)
Chirashnya, Adam
Chirashnya, Daniel
Chirashnya, Mika Academy Of Fencing Masters (AFM)
Chirashnya, Noya
Claes, Lucas
Cohen, Shaina
Daley, Keira
Dayal, Saahira Academy Of Fencing Masters (AFM)
Eckman, Bjorn
James, Ashley
Jao, Aaron
Jin, Nicholas
Knudsen, Travis
Lan, Alice
Lee, Alyssa
Lee, Valerie
Leist, Liad
Li, Ethan
Lowe-Thorpe, Tyler
Machulsky, Leehi
Mollinier, Angel
Nair, Sujit
Nair, Supriya
Poon, Desiree
Radov, Una
Sarkar, Anish
Sim, Ian Academy Of Fencing Masters (AFM)
Simhadri, Meghana
Sinha, Zaan
Sun, Karolyn
Ulinich, Alex
Wong, Vansen
Wright, Christopher
Xu, Celina
Xu, Jessica R Maximum Fencing Club
Xu, Serena
Zaydman, David
Zhang, Alec