Epee Winter Camp Princeton Head Coach Zoltan Dudas Registrations

Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing, such as payment or approval status.
31 Fencers
Fencer Club
AuYeung, Aedan
Baxter, Max Oaks Christian High School / Oaks Christian High School
Chen, Aiden
Chen, Zhengyang(Allen)
Davoodian, Christopher
Dekermanji, Christopher
Donahue, Lake
Ewart, Stephen
Giti, Aria
Jeon, Alexander Swords Fencing Studio
Kim, Nathan
Kim, Zoe Luelle
Lee, Camilla Swords Fencing Studio
Lee, Olivia
Lee, Ryan
Liu, Yueri
Lo, Jake
Moosekian, Stafford
Nguyen, Tallulah
Phukan, Indra
Phukan, Indra
Si, Alexander
Singha, Orion Team Touche Fencing Center
Wang, Angelina Swords Fencing Studio
Wang, Joey
Wang, Lucas
Wang, Nora
Wang, Owen
Wang, Victoria Swords Fencing Studio
Wang, Ziqi
Zhao, Luke