Capitol Division C & Under Tournament Registrations

Note This is a Old AskFRED event. Registrations and results are all correct, but some other data could be missing, such as payment or approval status.
C & Under (Div 2) Mixed Foil Check-In Closed Saturday, Dec 17 at 1:30PM
3 Fencers : 1E, 2U Could be up to a U rated Event
Fencer Club Rating
Burke, Daniel Chevy Chase Fencing Club E2022
Derby, Josh Rockville Fencing Academy U
Rogers, Windell Nova Fencing Club U
C & Under (Div 2) Mixed Saber Check-In Closed Saturday, Dec 17 at 3:00PM
13 Fencers : 3C, 3D, 1E, 6U Could be up to a E1 rated Event
Fencer Club Rating
Andrade Vargas, Jose Ricardo Nova Fencing Club D2022
Baker, Keith Nazlymov Fencing Foundation C2020
Barroso, Isabela Nova Fencing Club U
Bukowski, Todd Nazlymov Fencing Foundation C2021
Catlett, Robert Nova Fencing Club U
Cohen, Charlie DC Fencers Club U
Henry, Soraya DC Fencers Club C2022
Klebs, Robert Royal Fencing Academy / Nazlymov Fencing Foundation D2020
Lindquist, John Unattached (or Unknown) U
Mace, Eliza DC Fencers Club D2022
Markowitz, Jonathan Nova Fencing Club U
Sen, Christian Bergen Fencing Club/LHS U
Spector, Aviv Escrimeur Fencers Club E2022
C & Under (Div 2) Mixed Epee Check-In Closed Sunday, Dec 18 at 10:00AM
28 Fencers : 2C, 5D, 5E, 16U Could be up to a C2 rated Event
Fencer Club Rating
Amolsch, Dylan ASER International Fencing Academy U
Bannen, Nicholas DC Fencers Club E2022
Black, Ethan DC Fencers Club U
Boyko, Frank Modern Duelists Fencing Academy E2020
Brundage, Nevan DC Fencers Club U
Carey, Robert DC Fencers Club U
Colley, Joshua Out Of Nowhere Fencing Club D2022
DeOlivares, Jose Cardinal Fencing Academy U
Kramer, Ryan Royal Fencing Academy / Unattached (or Unknown) U
Lee, JoonWon Penta Olympic Fencing Club C2022
MacTough, Ben DC Fencers Club U
Mace, Eliza DC Fencers Club D2022
Moore, Guy Academies of Fencing in Baltimore / Salle Palasz C2019
Palamarchuk, Matthew Cardinal Fencing Academy E2022
Pane, Patrick Cardinal Fencing Academy U
Penner, Kyle Nova Fencing Club D2021
Sampaio, Beatriz Nova Fencing Club U
Saunier, Cameron Cardinal Fencing Academy U
Seid, Zachary Nova Fencing Club / DC Fencers Club U
Siedow, William DC Fencers Club U
Sinfuego, Adrian DC Fencers Club E2022
Sokol, Luke Modern Duelists Fencing Academy D2022
Sun, Ethan Guanyi Fencing Academy U
Sunkara, Vishnu Cardinal Fencing Academy U
Trithart, Jacob Nova Fencing Club D2021
Waters, Nathaniel Cardinal Fencing Academy U
West, Dale DC Fencers Club U
Wiessler-Hughes, Linda DC Fencers Club E2022