Queens Fencing Club Div 2 (C & Under) Senior Foil

July 20, 2024
Registration closes July 20, 2024 — in about 1 day
Queens Fencing Club

Queens Fencing Club
156-13 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11354 US Map
Online Payments Not Accepted
Senior Div 2 Foil. Registration is $40 at the door. This event is sanctioned by the Metro Division. Events are currently capped at 16 but can be expanded if necessary.


This event is sanctioned by the Metro Division and ratings can be awarded. You can view the USFA rating chart: https://askfred.net/Info/eventClass.php


All fencers are required to have a valid competitive or access USA fencing, other fencing federation, or FIE Membership. Obtain/renew membership at: https://member.usfencing.org/

Events Scheduled:

Div 2 Foil

Preregistration opens on 04/24/2024.

Preregistration closes on 07/20/2024.

Start Time 1 PM Women's Foil, 4 PM Men's Foil

Event Fee $40 at door

The Venue is located at Queens Fencing Club. Note that the location has two strips that are 43' (12 meters) in length.


-Full USFA regulation uniform is required

-The fencer's name is NOT required to be displayed on their uniform for this event

-All events are conducted with electric equipment. A preliminary inspection will be conducted at the beginning of each pool and DE to ensure the presence of the following equipment: underarm plastron, weapons, and body cords. Athletes are subject to prohibition from fencing if these conditions are not met.

-Fencer must have at least two working weapons, two body cords, and two head cords.

-One round of pools with 100% promotion to Direct Elimination rounds.

-Fencers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all posted information and must report errors to the bout committee immediately.