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The Swords By The Bay SYC Mar 3, 2017 - Mar 5, 2017
North Bay Fencing Academy is pleased to host the 2017 Swords By the Bay Super Youth tournament. Join us for 3 days of Y10, Y12, and Y14 fencing in the heart of the California Wine Country.
Sonoma County Fairgrounds: Santa Rosa, CA
posted 06/17/2016
More Info
North Bay Fencing Academy is pleased to host the 2017 Swords By the Bay Super Youth. Join us for 3 days of Y10, Y12, and Y14 fencing in the heart of the California Wine Country.

Live results link:

We have a Facebook Event page you can like to see all the latest and greatest information about the Swords by the Bay:

*** Triple Fees are in affect ***

*** $200 Late Fee starts at midnight on Sunday Feb. 26! ***

*** Tournament Check-in ***

This is a National Qualifier for Youth 10, 12, 14 and Cadet events. Fencers must show proof they are competitive members of the USFA.

Proof of birth year required when checking in:
    Passport, birth certificate, USFA certified registration*

    You will not be allowed to fence, no matter what events you participated in last season, without proof of USFA competitive membership and age verification.

Birth Year Eligibility 2016-2017 season:

    Y10 2006-2009
    Y12 2004-2007 (or on Y10 NRPS list)
    Y14 2002-2005 (or on Y12 NRPS list)

Events Scheduled

    Registration for ALL events opens 1 hour prior to close

    Y10 Women's Epee : Sun 3/5 12pm
    Y10 Women's Foil : Sun 3/5 12pm
    Y10 Women's Saber : Sun 3/5 1:30pm
    Y10 Men's Epee : Sat 3/4 10am
    Y10 Men's Foil : Sun. 3/5 9am
    Y10 Men's Saber : Sun. 3/5 1:30pm
    Y12 Women's Epee : Sat. 3/4 1pm
    Y12 Women's Foil : Fri. 3/3 12:30pm
    Y12 Women's Saber : Fri. 3/3 3pm
    Y12 Men's Epee : Fri. 3/3 9:30am
    Y12 Men's Foil : Sat. 3/4 9am
    Y12 Men's Saber : Sat. 3/4 3pm
    Y14 Women's Epee : Fri. 3/3 1pm
    Y14 Women's Foil : Sat 3/4 12:30pm
    Y14 Women's Saber : Sat. 3/4 3pm
    Y14 Men's Epee : Sun. 3/5 9:00am
    Y14 Men's Foil : Fri. 3/3 9am
    Y14 Men's Saber : Fri. 3/3 3pm

    Preregistration opens on 09/01/2017.
    Preregistration closes on 02/26/2017.


    Registration fees before 11:59 PM PST Feb. 10 2017
    Registration: $30.00
    Event Fees: $40:00

    Triple fee registration period Feb 11 2017 to 11:59 PM PST Feb. 25th 2017
    Registration: $90.00
    Event Fees: $120:00

    Additional $200 late fee starts at 12AM on Feb. 26th 2017
    Triple fees plus $200.00
    Walkup registration ONLY - no online registration at this point

    Registration fee is not refundable. Last day to request refund of entry fees is Feb. 25, 2017. Refunds will be processed within 3 weeks after the tournament. Refund request should be sent to:

    If registering on askfred, registration is not complete until payment is made. Registrations not paid by a registration deadline will be deleted from the askfred fencer list for this tournament.

Format Info
    Since this event provides national youth rolling points and is a qualifying path for summer nationals for all youth groups, no events will mix.

    One round of 5-touch/3 minute bout pools. 100% advance to direct elimination rounds. For Y14 and Y12, direct elimination bouts are 15 touch/9 minute bouts. For Y10, direct elimination bouts are 10-touch bouts.

    National Points will be awarded to those placing in the top 40% of the competitive field regardless of where the cut occurs, with no rounding up, to a maximum of 32nd place, using the National points tables for Y10, Y12 or Y14 as appropriate.


    Seeding for Youth Events shall be based on the following order:
    1. Current national rolling point standings according to age group and weapon. This filters down the entire list, not just the top 32 as done in a NAC.
    2. Letter ranking with year classification
    3. Athletes with neither of the above are seeded on a random basis after the athletes who are seeded by the preceding factors.

Equipment Check
    All weapons will be scored electrically. Equipment (masks, lames, and body cords/head cords) will be inspected and marked.

    All Y10 events must be fenced with a size 0 or 2 blade. This rule will be enforced

*** Awards ***

Just added: each event champion will receive a special award;a Hand-made broadswords of sterling silver, five inches long, with cocobolo grips mounted on oak pedestals from Freelance Forges of San Jose. Each sword is cut from stock, shaped, brazed and finished by hand. Each base is of American oak hand cut, sanded and finished.

check out the event page for pictures

*** Vendor Info ***

Exclusive vendor of fencing equipment and headline sponsor Blue Gauntlet Fencing Company.

*** Venue Info***

The following local hotels and Inns have special discount rates for Swords By The Bay competitors.

Hyatt Vineyard Creek

Hilton Sonoma Wine Country

Flamingo Conference Resort and Spa

Sandman Inn

Fountain Grove Inn